Practice Best Foot Massager These Steps

In this article, I invite you to discover in 9 steps how you too can practice foot massage simply from home.

Do you know that about 75% of disorders are stress related? Now, reflexology foot allows deep relaxation and psycho-physical relaxation greatly involved in the process of healing and disease prevention.

The reflexologists even claim that the work on the reflex zones makes it possible to harmonize the whole organism, both physically and mentally.

Referring to plantar reflexology means focusing on improving one’s health in all possible ways: nutrition, stress management, physical maintenance, and lifestyle planning, all of which have a direct impact on health. Before practicing below nine stages of a self-massage session you should also read buyer guide which might help you to find a kind of massager which you are actually looking for.

Here are 9 stages of a self-massage session:

This self – massage session will allow you to practice step – by – step foot massage and to treat a large number of specific common ailments.

  1. Sit comfortably on a chair and fold one leg so that the top of the foot is resting on the other leg (however, it requires a minimum of flexibility). You can also sit on the floor, legs crossed.
  2. Start with smoothing, with both hands, of the whole foot to relax and relax the arch.
  3. Then reduce your stress and internal tensions by pressing your thumb on the area of the solar plexus as you exhale. Release the pressure on the inspiration and repeat the maneuver three to four times in a row.
  4. Then massage the different reflex zones of the head and neck on the big toe, exert sustained pressure on the pituitary area.
  5. You can then perform the plantar massage on the various reflex zones of the sole of the foot by moving gradually towards the heel. Finish arch massage with sustained pressure on the reflex point of the kidneys and the pelvis.
  6. Gently touch the inner edge of the foot with the fleshy part of the palm to relax the spine, which you will then massage through a series of alternating pressures on the different reflex zones as you move from the big toe to the heel.
  7. Invert you’re supporting hand and, with your thumb, stimulate the reflex zones of the outer edge of the foot, especially the reflex points of the large joints: shoulder, elbow, hip, knee. Pay special attention to all sensitive areas that you can relax with small, smooth and regular clockwise circles.
  8. Then rotate your leg to turn the top of the foot toward you to massage the reflex areas of the lymphatic system of the top of the foot.
  9. At the end, touch your feet again with both hands to release the strains and toxins that have been drained. Reverse the position to practice plantar massage on the other foot. Once the two feet are massaged, lie down to relax for fifteen minutes, then drink a big glass of water. You can perform the same sequences to practice palmar massage. The hand massage or (palmar reflexology) completing that of the feet, you can, if you wish, practice both types of reflexology within the same session of self-massage.

Gym exercises for the feet:

  • Turn both feet to loosen the ankle joint.
  • Train on tiptoe to strengthen and maintain your body balance.
  • Transfer your weight from the inside of the feet to the outer side to prevent it from deforming and turning inward.

My tips for the well-being of the feet:

  • Walk barefoot as often as possible: this helps prevent foot deformities and promotes better circulation at this level.
  • Feel free to take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass or on the beach to revitalize and recharge your batteries.
  • Avoid narrow shoes and high heels that, in the long run, deform the arch.
  • Avoid socks made of synthetic fibers that promote perspiration; prefer those in cotton or wool.
  • Massage your feet regularly with creams and essential oils with healing properties.
  • You can also practice foot massage with a tennis ball to relax the soles of the feet and stimulate the reflex zones of the arch.

Finally, the feet are the part of the body most often neglected. And yet, each foot zone corresponds to a part of the body.

Taking care of your feet means taking care of your health. Also, do regular foot gymnastics exercises as mentioned above to keep them supple and healthy.